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Jan 25, 2008

Sharepoint 2007 ( MOSS ) Interview preparation guide...

Read these topics before your interview....

1. Server Controls - User Controls on creation and how to install / deploy them.

2. WebParts -- http://blogs.tamtam.nl/mart/CreateASharePoint2007WebpartStepByStep.aspx

3. Event Handlers

4. Custom field types

5. Features -- Inside Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0

6. Object Model -- what is the architecture of sharepoint and how is it represented programatically. You have to create a webapplication as the fist step.. and specify a port number if the default port 80 is already taken. This is not accessible as yet for browsing.. but you can see that a new website is created in the IIS. Next step would be to create a SiteCollection (multiple sitecollection can be created in a single website). Creating a site collection creates a default root site. This root site is accessible through the browser. you can go ahead to create multiple child sites under the root site.

This was the administrative terms used. but for programming, to access the SiteCollection we have to use SpSite and for the Sites we have to use SpWeb.

7. WWF

8. Custom Webservices -- http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms464040.aspx

9. Creating Custom List Definition -- http://ari.provoke.co.nz/archive/2007/04/18/creating-a-custom-sharepoint-2007-list-definition.aspx

10. General info on WSS 3.0 development -- http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb530302.aspx

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