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Jan 25, 2008

More Share Point Portal Interview Questions

1. What kind of work you did on Share Point Portal?

2. What is WebPart and how is differe from Web User Control?

3. What are Pros and Cons of WebParts?

4. How you communicate between WebParts?

5. What are the configurations you make to communicate between WebParts?

6. What is difference between WSS and Share Point Portal?

7. What are the things you can not achieve in WSS compare to SPS?

8. Is it possible to migrate old SPS Portal to SPS 2003?

9. Can the migration tools convert all your code?

10. What are the changes you need to do after migrating old SPS to new SPS

11. What are the top level objects?

12. How do you access a list inside an InfoPath Document?

13. What are the events occurred on Document?

14. What is the Interface you will implement for an events call?

15. Have you work with Microsoft Office with Share Point Portal 2003?

16. How you display Excel in Share Point Portal?

17. How u integrate Outlook with Share Point Portal?

18. Do you follow any standard for Share Point Portal?

19. What is the check lists needed before moving to production mode?

20. What the configuration you need to make for Internet based Share Point Portal site?

21. Have you used any tools to check C# coding standards?

22. How you do your unit testing?

23. Do you use any mechanism to create a stub for NUnit?

24. How do you access WebParts Data from InfoPath?

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